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This program is cancelled until further notice.


Journey to Recovery

Research-Based Program

  • Psycho-Educational

  • Drug Awareness

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Life Skills

  • Talking Circles

As of May 1, 2023 Journey to Recovery

is cancelled until further notice.
Closed Stat Holidays


Location: Main Floor of The Tree of Peace

Admission Requirements:

  • None​


  • Sanitize your hands, wear a mask if you want to.


The Community Wellness Program adheres to the 12 core functions of addictions some of which are education, prevention, awareness, assessments, counselling, referrals and aftercare.  Hospital visits are conducted, as well as various support groups.  

  • Accessing Addictions Services: To obtain counselling services call (867) 873-2864 to book an appointment. 

  • Addictions Assessments & Counselling

  • Adult and Youth

  • Outpatient Addiction Programs 

  • Inpatient Treatment Referrals

  • Adult Education Groups

  • Aftercare Support & Hospital Visits

  • Community Addictions Education & Prevention



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